I am a member of Patients Like Me. It's a reliable, medically related discussion board (and a whole lot more) for patients, caregivers, and others to seek advice, support, and uplift one another. I was amused when I read a recent nonmedical, humorous posting by Southpaw who originally posted a topic called, "OT: I'm going to take a shower," http://www.patientslikeme.com/forum/show/46897?page=1

Southpaw explained how she set about taking a shower and all of the "challenges" that she encountered along the way. We had a few laughs and were grateful to find that others have these almost comical days, at our own expense. Quite a few of us chimed in and shared our stories as well.

When I'm having one these days, I say that I've had a "Cookie Day." As a mother and former elementary school teacher, I love the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." Click the link below if you're not familiar with the book or want a refresher. Although this cute presentation is not my own, it will give you a feel for the book and explain the origins of naming my "crazy days." I hope you enjoy reading about my Cookie Days and are willing to share yours!



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