I recently thought I was having a flare up of MS problems. Thankfully, my neurologist concluded that I was not having another MS attack, but instead feels that I now have fibromyalgia. I had barely left the house in three weeks when this day rolled around. I've had less pain and symptoms with a "regular" MS attack than I was having leading up to this day, described below. I know that I am feeling better than I was, because I had a Cookie Day this week!
1.  At 5:30 pm, I decided that all flowers and plants needed to be watered. They weren't looking quite this happy any more.

    2. So I pulled the water hoses out, turned them on, and accidentally drenched myself after aiming the part of the hose with the hole in it at myself, instead of the nearby plants. At least the shower kept me from over heating!

    3. As I watered the tomato plants, I decided that they needed to be staked because they would fall over and break soon if I don't. I searched through my shed for "staking" materials. I found lots of old junk that satisfied this need. Imagine this - an old metal tv dinner stand was cut apart and used to stake the tomatoes, so is old closet shelving support braces. No imagining necessary, this description begged for pictures! I explained to my daughter that this was recycling at its best!
    4. After I watered myself, the plants, and staked the tomatoes, I decided that this little patch of fruitful earth must be weeded.  All of the weeds and "bad" lettuce were pruned to make room for new lettuce to grow.

    5. So with the water hoses all over my yard, I decided that my daughter needed to learn how to use the water hose box that I purchased for $10 at the local thrift shop. I'm quite proud of this purchase considering they're $55 - $65 in stores!

    6. But before we got the box put together and in use, I hung the hose wrap thingy that I bought for $1. Little did I know that the previous one had been installed incorrectly. I used my $3 cordless drill to adjust nearly all of the screws to accommodate the new hose thingy. I don't really need the new wrap thingy now because the box is right there beside it, but darn it - I had it and I already had screws in my vinyl from the old one!

    7. Before the hoses were all put away, I looked at the Miracle Grow sprayer and decided, "Might as Well!" and eventually the hoses and the Miracle Grow were put away.

    8. Then I looked over at my small, sickly flower bed leading to my front door. The weed killer that worked wonders on the nearby weeds several weeks ago did not keep its promise of being nonlethal to the flowers. A few of my previously planted snapdragons and pansies actually recovered from the weed killer but it looked quite desolate in this little bed. The flower bed on the other side of the driveway (which no one ever sees) was doing fabulously, so I decided that I must move part of these flowers to the flower bed that is actually seen by everyone as they walk to my front door.

    9. During all of this my daughter decided to catch a tiny little frog that played near us. She wanted to keep him as a pet, but was afraid to touch him! "Pip Squeak" was released, unharmed the  next afternoon.

    10. I next pruned the dead leaves from the strawberry pot.  Inspiration struck and I had my daughter bring me the molded strawberries from the trash. I stuck them into every available available spot on the planter, hoping that  new strawberry plants will grow. My daughter really thought I'd lost my mind!  I tried to explain, but gave up.  She only wanted to hear dinner plans.

    There you have the full explanation of how watering about 30 - 40 square feet took a full 4 hours!!!
    Sadly, it actually thrilled me that I had done all of this. I have been so miserable with this MS/Fibro mess that I have rarely even left my house in the past three weeks. During the past week, I started on the high dose Vitamin D3 and Calcium that is being proclaimed so wonderfully on the Patients Like Me MS discussion boards and began a higher dosage of my new fibro meds. I really don't know what  gave me the "go juice," but it's wonderful!!!

    I am a member of Patients Like Me. It's a reliable, medically related discussion board (and a whole lot more) for patients, caregivers, and others to seek advice, support, and uplift one another. I was amused when I read a recent nonmedical, humorous posting by Southpaw who originally posted a topic called, "OT: I'm going to take a shower," http://www.patientslikeme.com/forum/show/46897?page=1

    Southpaw explained how she set about taking a shower and all of the "challenges" that she encountered along the way. We had a few laughs and were grateful to find that others have these almost comical days, at our own expense. Quite a few of us chimed in and shared our stories as well.

    When I'm having one these days, I say that I've had a "Cookie Day." As a mother and former elementary school teacher, I love the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie." Click the link below if you're not familiar with the book or want a refresher. Although this cute presentation is not my own, it will give you a feel for the book and explain the origins of naming my "crazy days." I hope you enjoy reading about my Cookie Days and are willing to share yours!